Vinyl Printed Dance Floor

Custom Dancefloor Adelaide

We all know that the dancefloor is one of the focal points of any wedding. It’s where most of the action happens. This is where you’ll cut your cake, you’ll enter here, the speeches are here. Plus, the anticipated first dance as well as where your guests will continue to dance the night away.

That’s where our Custom Dancefloor Adelaide comes in handy. This will create lasting memories and a truly personal experience for you both on your special day.

Say what you want

Your names, your initials, your date, you can have it your way with our Custom Dancefloor. If your venue doesn’t come with a dancefloor, don’t worry. We also offer dancefloor hire. Learn more about it here.

Custom Dancefloor Adelaide packages include:

  • 3m x 3m vinyl printed logo
  • Design graphics of your custom logo – including 2 rounds of changes
  • Vinyl print in black and/or white. Please be advised that colour is POA.
  • Installation and de-installation of vinyl

A Custom Dancefloor truly brings a classy, sophisticated and unique offering to both your dancefloor and your entire event. The best part? You’re going to have precious memories and stunning photos and video to look back on forever.

Popular for weddings, our Vinyl Printed Dance Floor can help personalise your special event.