Confetti Cannons

Confetti Cannons Adelaide

It might be best to make sure Nanna Shirley is seated for this one, because these really make a pop!

Whether you want to shower yourself and your brand new husband or wife in a downpour of confetti, or you want to make it rain over your dancefloor. Our Confetti Cannons offer a really fun way to create some vibe as well as some long lasting memories.

One big giant party popper

They’re just like a party popper. Except way bigger and more exciting. Plus, they can hit up to TEN FEET in the air.

By adding our Confetti Cannons to your package, you may decide to use them for your entrance, your first dance or at a random point throughout the night on your dancefloor. Whenever and wherever you choose to pop your cannon –  we can guarantee it’ll make a wonderful impact on your big night.

This package includes:

— Supply of Confetti Cannons
— Choice of colour or plain tissue paper

*Hot tip – some venues may charge a cleaning fee, so check that out first.

Julian & Sophie, Donatos Function Centre, 2018 – Photography by Made Up Person

Sam & Ness, Intercontinental Hotel, 2019 – Photography by xxxxx

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