CO2 Jets & Guns

CO2 Guns Adelaide

So you’re really keen to “blow your guests away” – in the nicest way possible, right? We’ve got the perfect solution for you with our CO2 Guns Adelaide hire.

Make an entrance or let everyone know the party has begun with our CO2 packages!

We offer both entrance jets for that stunning look in your photos and videos, and portable CO2 guns to pump the dance floor up to the next level. Why not opt for the his and hers option?

All of our CO2 Guns Adelaide packages include a CO2 specialist to ensure the safety of your guests along with the pre-event necessities such as a risk assessment and site inspection if required.

If you opt for CO2 entrance jets, you might want to pair them up with some Entrance Fireworks.

CO2 Gun Package

Blow your guests away with our Co2 guns. These are the ultimate vibe creator, firing everyone up on your dance floor and sending them wild.

Start the night how we know you’ll end it, with a bang. Select either one gun between you or go all out and choose His and Hers to really heat things up.

This package includes:

— Professionally set up and handled by a licensed CO2 specialist
— CO2 specialist on-site
— Risk assessment included
— Site inspection if required
— CO2 cannister

Available in both Single Gun or “His & Hers” configuration.

CO2 Entrance Jets

Let everyone know you’ve arrived and the party can start with our crowd-pleasing Co2 Entrance Jets.

These also create a wonderful effect captured on photo and video as you enter your wedding reception for the first time.

This package includes:

— 2x professionally set-up and handled by a licensed Co2 specialist
— Co2 specialist on-site
— Full risk assessment provided
— Site inspection if required
— Co2 jets either side of your entrance
— Cannisters